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Melinda G™ loves nursing moms

Melinda G™ loves nursing moms … and we’re committed to showing that love by beautifully supporting their comfort and success in nursing their wonderful babies.

We support all the breastfeeding choices moms make — to nurse for a month, or a year, or until the next baby is born — and we support them in style!

Melinda G™ bras provide all the essentials for successful breastfeeding:

•    Comfort — Melinda G™ nursing bras are really comfortable!

•    Styling — Melinda G™ nursing bras are pretty, practical, comfy, and feature seamless cups for a smooth look under every shirt.

•    Easy to use — Melinda G™ nursing bras are very easy to use, with several choices of cup openings.

•    Quality — The quality of Melinda G™ bras is so high that many moms wear their Melinda G™ nursing bras through multiple pregnancies and babies. Our bras are made to last … and support!

•    Cup flexibility — New moms’ bodies are constantly changing before and after nursing; Melinda G™’s fabrics and cup closures accommodate these changes wonderfully.

•    Size range flexibility — Since many moms change sizes almost overnight, most Melinda G™ nursing bras are designed to accommodate several sizes in one bra.

Support is built in — Most Melinda G™ nursing bras feature our unique supportive under-the-breast channeling for the support of a wire without the wire!  We also offer an underwire bra for those moms who are underwire gals.

Long wear is built in — Moms can start wearing their Melinda G™ nursing bras during the last month of pregnancy and continue to wear them until they wean their beautiful babies.

Even more wonderful!  The Melinda G™ Cami Sutra™ Nursing Cami is especially designed to fit during pregnancy and beyond.  A full, hidden tee-shirt nursing bra — complete with back hooks and eyes for easier dressing, lots of support, and adjustability — supports all moms beautifully, but especially the more endowed mom.  Perfect to wear on its own or layered.

Melinda G™ nursing bras are comfortable — supportive — and easy … so moms have more time to focus on their beautiful babies.

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