Benefits of Products Made in the USA

If you had a dollar for every time a customer said “They just don’t make these things with quality, anymore!” you might be able to close up shop and retire. We utter this expression so often that we lose sight of what it really means: there was a time when a product was expected to last for years, if not generations. We can make that happen again!

As much as 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase because they know how rare it is to find a genuinely good and safe product. When it comes to products that come in contact with infants, the safety of a developing brain and a weak immune system is of the utmost importance to parents.

Not only are consumers rightfully concerned about the dangerous chemicals in their children’s furniture and clothing, they also want to instill that awareness in their children as they grow.

Because they benefit from closer attention to quality and detail than their imported counterparts, products made by smaller-scale American manufacturers can stand the test of time. A focus on the bottom line might work for some big box retailers and large-scale manufacturers, who outsource jobs for cheaper labor. However those manufacturers they’re also the hardest hit when a big recall due to a chemical hazard is announced. The bottom line should matter, but so should the welfare of your customer.

In an effort to better ensure the chemical safety of consumers and the products they buy, the U.S. Congress passed a reform to the Toxic Substances Control Act. The law, which aims to make products made and sold in the U.S. safer, has been a big topic of discussion in the juvenile products industry lately. The buzz around this issue alone is a signal that American consumers are paying attention to what’s in the stuff they buy and want better, safer products to share with their children.

Patriotism is an especially focal point, and consumers are more aware of their civic duties. When you’re updating your storefront to display your seasonal bestsellers or top picks, highlight the assets of your American-made products.

One of the many traits passed down from parents to their children are shopping and spending habits. When value and safety is emphasized to a customer, they will spend the extra money because they know the product will go a longer way in serving their family’s needs.

Posted on 2020-04-11 by Marikate Wilson

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