Don't just wash.....clean

When biodegradability concerns were voiced about disposable diapers, Anna & Pino Blangiforti - founders of the Unicorn Baby product line - started their environmentally friendly line of cleaning products to coincide with the re-start of the cloth diapering industry.

Weather it's a tee, diaper, bib, sleep ware, bedding toy or your work out gear; cleaning just got a whole lot easier. So don't just wash...clean with Unicorn's family of earth friendly products that work hard so you don't have to. Unicorn Baby products are made in the U.S.A.

With Anna's & Pino's background in the manufacture of cleaning products for the natural fiber industries (like wool, alpaca, cashmere, silk, cotton,and bamboo) where the preservation of the fiber was all important from the initial scour to the day to day after care, led to the development of the Unicorn Baby line. Tough on dirt and stains but gentle enough to maintain the integrity and feel of the natural fibers.

The Beyond Clean and Beyond Fibre Wash were formulated to: work in lower temperature water in "he" machines, minimize hard water effects and buildup while the Beyond Soft is a anti-static conditioner that minimizes dye loss.
Unicorn was awarded the 2018 Top Choice and Product of the Year by Baby Maternity and Creative Child Magazines.
Unicorn's products are distributed in: U.S.A., Canada, UK, Germany, Norway, Australia and New Zealand. For more information visit

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