Three fourths of all pregnant women need back support 

DID YOU KNOW MOST PREGNANCIES CAUSE back PAIN: About three out of every four women complain of back pain during pregnancy, and more than half mention pain in the pelvic area.

To support mom’s baby bump and lower back during activities, a Best Cradle, Mini Cradle or Embracing Belly Boostier by It’s You Babe relieves discomfort and overall pelvic and back pain.  

ABOUT RELAXIN: During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin causes hips and tendons to become soft and loosen to prepare the female body for birth. This process frequently results in SI joint pain that is sharp and can be excruciating where the tailbone meets the lower back.  A medical grade full support like the It’s You Babe Prenatal Cradle, Best Cradle or Embracing Belly Boostier  lifts weight to prevent pain while active.

ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN CAN GO AWAY: Pregnant women often describe round ligament pain as an ache or sharp pain on the side or in front under the belly. The Best Cradle or Prenatal Cradle supports these ligaments to provide comfort and relief.

SUPPORTS ARE GOOD FOR EXERCISE: Would a woman go for a run without wearing a sports bra? It’s the same principal with a growing belly. The Best Cradle by It’s You Babe or Embracing Belly Boostier provide support and stability while physically active.  

IMPROVE POSTURE:  It’s You Babe supports actually improve posture, reducing the need to counterbalance.  Pulling shoulders back  to compensate for increasing weight in front is sometimes called “swayback, or lordosis.”  The Prenatal Cradle by It’s You Babe centralizes the weight so that a woman feels comfortable as her posture is supported. This also has been used at night to make turning in bed easier.

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