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La Moda Zona

EZ-On BaBeez are Easy on Babies and Parents, Too!  Now available on  
Who hasn’t experienced the frustration and hassle of getting a “onesie” onto a squirmy infant? It took retiring from the fashion industry for one grandmother to figure out a way to solve that problem.

EZ-On BaBeez is a “patent pending” innovatively redesigned bodysuit for babies, that provides fast and easy access during diaper changes. The soft, scratch-free Velcro closures at the front waist opening replace traditional snaps.  Traditional snaps can be frustrating to open and downright difficult to close. Solution solved, no more snaps with EZ-On BaBeez.

A new addition as a best brand to’s clothing and accessories infant category, EZ On BaBeez onesies are an indispensable addition to your baby’s wardrobe. The EZ-On BaBeez “onesie” also provides a comfort liner in the diaper area. Wet-resistant, the soft and stretchy fabric lining is easily wiped clean.

“We have “onesies” in solid colors and print designs,” says Julieta Recometa, the designer behind EZ-On BaBeez’s game-changing creation. “We also have seasonal custom prints and appliqued embroidery designs.”

Their design breaks the mold, EZ-On Babeez “onesies” are available in six traditional sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, and 12-18 months. “Onesies” are made of high quality, soft cotton and cotton/spandex blends for the utmost comfort.

EZ-On BaBeez “onesies” were recently donated to Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, Destiny Diaper Bank and families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

EZ-On BaBeez is compliant with US government safety requirements (CPSC) and are available for purchase on and Visit to learn more about EZ-On BaBeez “onesie” and accessories.

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