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O3 is a company founded on principles of creativity, functionality and a funky spirit.  We strive to offer products that are unique, stylish, and, most importantly, cool.  Through our designs we strive to please our customers by incorporating patterns and prints that embody the fun spirit of today’s modern youth (and adults) so that consumers can express themselves freely without loosing the functional aspects of the product.  In fact, most of our designs were created though the suggestions of the little princesses, ballerinas, divas, firemen, racecar drivers and pirates of today’s youngest generation.  They say – why sacrifice function for fashion?
Through our innovative and useful designs, we feel that our products provide unique functions while at the same time remaining stylish and cool. Whether you are in need of on-the-go products and bags for your child, travel items, accessories for the family, or that special back to school gift, we hope that you will consider making O3 products a part of your life and have as much fun using them as we had designing them!

Above all, O3 is a company that creates cool gear for cool people!

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