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Punkin Butt

As a new mother, founder and creator, Audrey Zuber, wanted the best and most natural for her first child. When teething pain kicked in, concerns about the dangers of Benzocaine and Tylenol made the remedy choices limited. After talking to her pediatrician, she bought some clove oil and put it on her daughter’s gums. To her horror, she burned her daughter’s gums and lips with the undiluted oil. This started a mission to create a safe, effective and natural remedy for teething pain.

After countless hours of research and working with experts in aromatherapy, pediatricians and naturopaths, Punkin Butt Teething Oil was born. An oil formulated with organic ingredients that was already fully diluted to be safe even if a child drank the entire bottle, but still strong enough to help when the gumline is swelling and teeth are cutting through.

For 13 years, Punkin Butt Teething oil has been naturally soothing babies around the world and is now sold in dozens of countries.  Punkin Butt has also expanded their product line including ear oil, skin balms, lotions, soaps, diaper rash sprays, arnica balms, CBD products and much more!

Punkin Butt products are manufactured in Boerne, Texas with a new manufacturing facility ready to produce in Canada next month for Canadian distribution!

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