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Tidy Tots Diapers

Tidy Tots Diapers

Tidy Tots Hassle Free Diapering

Tidy Tots has perfected the cloth diaper. Our adorable diapers fly off shelves, and come in eye-catching packaging to compliment any store display. Flushies® liners are guaranteed to bring customers back for more.

The ultimate mix of style, fit, and function, our comfortable covers grow with baby for a perfect fit every time. Tidy Tots diapers aren’t just adorable they’re made to take on big messes. 

Flushies diaper liners work so well, parents use them every change! Our liners are secured inside the diaper always keeping it clean; saving parents from soaking, scraping, and spraying. The best part is Flushies are created from soothing cornstarch making them flushable and biodegradable.

Our diaper covers are cute, and have many superior features that ensures a leak free experience. If that wasn’t enough Tidy Tots No Fold diapers and Boosters are amazingly absorbent; with a hemp blend, which stops odors and bacteria. 

Tidy Tots was created by Sandra Beck, over the course of 7 years with the help of over 100 families. She found inspiration and motivation from our smallest, sweetest, messiest, most adorable creations. Our Children. And strives to make their world a better place

Tidy Tots is Made ethically in Upstate NY at a facility that supports individuals with disabilities. 


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