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The Problem

Cold packs are big and bulky and when the Doctor said to use a cold pack “down there” if you have any pain he probably didn’t think of how awkward it might be for you. Square and rectangular cold packs don't fit right, and many are too cold, too big, and too hard to keep in place, not to mention that they completely freeze the inside of your thighs. A square cold pack works great if you have a sore knee or elbow, but you just delivered a baby and your vagina which is now swollen and sore is not shaped like a square. It’s easy in the hospital . . . you push a button and a nurse brings you a diaper filled with ice, but what do you do when you get home?

The Solution

VagiKool. VagiKool is the first and only discreet and reusable external feminine cold pack specifically contoured and designed to fit the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s body.

One Size Fits All

VagiKool is a one size fits all cold pack which is nearly invisible during use, similar in size and contour of a small maxi-pad. Using the VagiKool’s Komfort-Fit sleeves, VagiKool provides discreet comfort without the unwanted noticeable bulk of traditional icepacks or bags of frozen peas.


The VagiKool reusable feminine cold pack offers women intimate comfort by providing soothing cold therapy. VagiKool is perfect following childbirth or vaginal surgery. VagiKool promotes vulvovaginal well-being and natural healing by promoting a decrease in inflammation, itching and burning sensations. VagiKool is Non-Toxic, Latex Free, is safe to use while nursing, and best of all is Made in the USA.

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