Award Winning Maternity Products From GABRIALLA

GABRIALLA® brand started over 20 years ago with a single product (MS-96 Maternity Support Belt), which ITA-MED Co. Founder and President developed and patented in 1996. It rapidly grew from there, becoming the Most Complete and Comprehensive Maternity and Women’s Health Support Collection in the United States. GABRIALLA®’s mission is to design and produce high quality, elegant, fashionable and medically correct support products for women of all age groups to improve their quality of life.  Our slogan is - “Support, Comfort and Style”. Our diverse range of GABRIALLA® products include: 1) Graduated Compression Hosiery, 2) Maternity Supports, 3) Postpartum Products, 4) Various types of fashionable and stylish Shapewear made with Natural and Breathable Fibers like Anti-Aging Milk Protein, 5) Post-Surgical products including Post-Liposuction and Post-Mastectomy supports and 6) Additional Women’s Health Support Products including Posture Correctors, Milk Fiber Leggings and products for cold climates made with Angora and Wool.

GABRIALLA® products are well known and very popular among Consumers, Maternity Shops and Clinics, Hospitals and OB/GYN’s all over the world for the following reasons: 1) American made high quality, unique and patented designs, 2) All our products are U.S. FDA certified approved for export, and have all the necessary quality certificates. We have recently been approved as a GSA Contract Holder. 3) All products are made with medically correct designs, fashionable and very comfortable to wear. 4) Perfectly suited for any climate with the use of Natural and Breathable materials like: Cotton, Wool, and Angora. 5) Attractive, eco-friendly, retail ready, bilingual packaging in English and Spanish. 6) Excellent product training and customer service including YouTube videos and 7) Exceptional value and affordability – very competitive and affordable prices.?

n addition to our long established products, we have recently developed and introduced some brand new revolutionary products made with innovative technology utilizing unique Milk Protein Fibers that provide a multitude of benefits such as: 1) 18 amino acids which naturally moisturize and nourish the skin, 2) Superior Anti-Aging and Rejuvenating effects on the skin, 3) Naturally breathable and comfortable to wear all day, even in hot climates, 4) Seamless construction and soft gentle fabric make them feel like a second skin to prevent wrinkles, folds and pinching and 5) Milk fiber also has inherent anti-bacterial properties.

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*GABRIALLA is a registered trademark of ITA-MED Co.
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