Parent and Baby, Close and Connected For the Best Start 

There's a magic moment that replays again and again for new parents. It’s the moment we take our first deep breath of the top of our newborn baby's head. This and endless other sweet things pull us in again and again.

Keeping our babies close is instinctual. That irresistible sweet smell serves an important function—we are wired to bond to our babies, and they are wired to bond to us. Research shows that bonded babies are healthier babies; they grow into strong, secure children, and compassionate, resilient adults. Mothers from traditional cultures know this, and carry their babies with them everywhere. 

To help modern families get the best start together, Elizabeth and Robert Antunovic started Boba, creating thoughtfully designed products that keep baby close, and allow parents to live their lives to the fullest. 
Boba offers ergonomic baby wraps, carriers, and accessories for every stage of your family's growth — from infant to toddler. Boba carriers support you and your child, so you can keep them close as you explore the world together (and keep easy access to that sweet baby head).

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