Boons+ Probiotic by Stork and Dove

Stork and Dove, makers of award winning Booby Boons, are excited to introduce Booby Boons+ Probiotic lactation cookies. Boons+ Probiotic contain all of the natural, wheat free, soy free functionality of the original Booby Boons and are further enhanced with 1 Billion probiotics per serving towards supporting the immune & gut health of both mom and baby! Available in two delicious flavors and with the promise of more to come soon, Boons+ Probiotics are mommy's little helper!
Why probiotics? Claudia explains! 'Our awards winning Boons + Probiotics were formulated to support breast milk production but also to support mama and baby in the early postpartum days and beyond. Probiotics offer one stop support & prevention for a multitude of Mom & Baby issues including; colic, reflux,  eczema relief/prevention, constipation relief/prevention, thrush prevention (baby), regulation of mama's metabolism, strengthening & support immune systems, mastitis prevention for mama and an Increase in mineral absorption amonst other things!"

Founded by Mom of 4, Claudia Marion, in 2014, Stork and Dove spreads the mama love with functional pre and post natal products made for moms by a mom! The milk's on the way®
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