Ditch the Nursing Pads and Save Your Milk  

When we are expecting a baby, having everything ready for the birth is always a concern. And along with the birth, come the thoughts about breastfeeding. Most women consider breastfeeding as the natural way, at the same time they are concern about the challenges that it may present and how to overcome those.

Lacticups® were created to help nursing moms to overcome some of the challenges of breastfeeding and collect all the milk that normally gets wasted on nursing pads, and not just the milk that leaks while nursing from the opposite breast, but throughout the day and while sleeping.

With today’s research in breastmilk and its properties, we know that breast milk is safe at room temperature for extended periods of time and at the same time, it can be safe in the Lacticups® for up to 3 hrs. This allows moms to save all the liquid gold that leaks while they are at work, between pumping sessions, nursings, or while running errands and even better while taking a nap.

Why should any nursing mom waste her milk on nursing pads?  when 4-12 oz/day can be saved effortlessly!

Lacticups are different to any other breast shell or milk catcher, these are patented and made in USA. Designed by a Lactation Consultant with over 20 yrs. of experience and a mom herself. Their shape is unique and allows for more milk collection, up to 70ml in each cup. The box comes with 2 Lacticups, one for each breast, made from soft silicone, very comfortable and easy to conceal under your nursing bra, reusable and washable.

I consider Lacticups an essential, a must have for every nursing mom and mom to be, make sure that you include this product in your baby shower registry and enjoy the freedom that Lacticups  gives you, plus all the added benefits that it was created for.
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