Folkmanis® Puppets is having a wildly successful 40th anniversary year! Since 1976, the family-owned company, based in Emeryville California, has produced the best-selling plush puppets available in the specialty toys market. The line has evolved from an original handful of designs to now over 200 styles including finger puppets, stage puppets, little puppets, character puppets and full body, hand puppets. 

Twice a year, Folkmanis introduces new puppet designs to its expansive menagerie that currently boasts numerous award-winning styles. Four new introductions have already garnered industry accolades. The magical, three-stage, transforming Monarch Life Cycle puppet merited the 2016 NAPPA Award and the 2016 PAL Award! Additionally, the delightfully animated Yellow Beaked Crow, the mysterious Slow Loris and the legendary Black Dragon won kudos and 2016 PAL Awards.

Naturally, the company has outdone itself once again with a summer collection of new puppets from every category for your creative play and enjoyment. Wildlife selections include the whimsical Brown Cow, mischievous Crafty Fox, cuddly Baby Koala, huggable Classic Monkey, friendly Corgi, and colorful Green Macaw. Birders find delight in a graceful Great Blue Heron and magnificent American Kestrel while divers amuse over the extraordinary Nautilus. 

Popping up for fun is the happy Rat in Tin Can and check out the low-tech enhancements that animate the legs of the Jumping Frog and voice sound from the Moo Cow Stage Puppet! Smaller hands will hoot over the Little Owl, Little Fox, and Little Giraffe as well as the portable Mini Sea Otter finger puppet. Lastly, elevate your fantasy play with the spectacular Red Dragon and the wickedly brilliant Jabberwock!

Folkmanis believes imagination is the key to a healthy childhood, encouraging play and discovery to develop the skills necessary in life.  Innovating specialty puppets for nearly 40 years, Folkmanis® Puppets are clearly the best loved, low-tech, classic toys in the global marketplace.   Lauded by industry experts as well as child development and kid-approved toy tests, the company consistently earns high marks for superior play value and design excellence. Find Folkmanis® Puppets online at

Folkmanis® Puppets: An essential ingredient to every toy box, every childhood, every generation.

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