GUMEEZ: Functional Fashion...Family Style

GUMEEZ was born when founder Alison White’s own beautiful daughter entered the omnichomping phase and began the persistent reach for mommy’s jewelry. Playing a constant game of keep-away was an unacceptable solution, as was demoting her personal style, so Alison took the entrepreneurial route forward, creating her signature and customizable lines of teething jewelry in GUMEEZ™. Five years later, GUMEEZ, GUMBABY and GUMEEZ JRs thrive with the passion for creating safe, trendy products that value-consciously celebrate the everyday experiences of parenting and childhood.

GUMEEZ recognizes that the best family products don't create great family moments, but support them.

GUMEEZ teething jewelry, teething toys and pacifier clips are a shout out to people holding babies everywhere!

Teething and the various stages of a child’s naturally occurring sensory development may not be glamorous (though we firmly hold that Mom still can be!), but they can be eased, even dosed with fun, with GUMEEZ exquisite line of teething products.

Darling and durable, GUMEEZ JR beads are sensory delights and a wonderfully fresh take on the fidget toy; providing comfort and thoughtful redirection for thumb suckers and fingernail biters. The calm and clarity of a comfortable-kid is invaluable...for child and caregiver...and GUMEEZ strives to support that comfort.

Kids and parents LOVE to personalize. The joy of individualizing and creative expression is paramount to Alison’s brand. GUMEEZ designs and creates custom molds for all their product styles, so you won't find their designs anywhere else, and Alison beams excitement talking about her latest offering:

We are coming out with personalization/engraving on all our products. This is HUGE! Companies can put their logos on them, moms and dads can put their kids info on them, and Kids can have their parents contact info on their GUMEEZ JRs.

“Once GUMEEZ are in the hands of caregivers and children, the product wins the day...we want the retail experience to parallel our product quality.” A stellar business sense and a heart of gold drive Alison to focus on relationships and service.

"Every store has a unique set of customers and creates their own experience; we delight in that. We want you to keep our products on YOUR shelves, and are committed to true, long-term relationships with our customers. The company’s GUMEEZ Guarantee represents that commitment: If a product isn't moving in the retail environments of their business partners, GUMEEZ will exchange it for a new product, design or color that will.

GUMEEZ :: Functional Fashion...Family Style

Exclusive ABC EXPO specials:

  1. All orders made at Expo enjoy free shipping.
  2. All orders completed at Expo receive 15% off our wholesale prices.
  3. Our first 5 orders receive a free countertop display.
  4. The minimum opening order will be reduced from $250 to $150
  5. All Expo samples will be sold cash and carry (to be picked up at the end of show) for 20% off wholesale prices
  6. * We will hold a drawing the last day of Expo for a floor display (to be shipped directly to the customer).
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