How to Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

Here at It’s You Babe, we want to provide the most comfortable pregnancy possible! So what is it that makes back pain so bad? Well there are many different reasons. A pregnant mom usually gains 25-35 extra pounds more than she is used to. This can change the way she walks, the way she sits, even the way she sleeps.

It’s You Babe Supports
It’s You Babe’s flannel-backed, medical-grade elastic bands are designed to surround and support the entire tummy. The lower womb support band provides the lift and support necessary to improve circulation and relieve pelvic pressure.  They also relieve pressure while turning from side to side in bed at night.  

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga helps to improve posture, relieves muscle tension, helps to calm the mind and reduce stress, and helps strengthen important muscles needed to help birth that baby!  

Applying hot and cold compresses
Alternating a compress between hot and cold helps to improve circulation, reduces swelling, ease cramping & tension, increase blood flow, help restore movement and so many other great things! Doing heat and cold in 20-minute increments 1-3 times a week can make a difference in being more comfortable during pregnancy.

Using a knee/body pillow while sleeping
Having a knee pillow, or using a body pillow helps to lift that belly from pulling on the back and keeps the spine in alignment while sleeping. This helps to relieve sciatica, knee, joint, and hip pain that she may be feeling at this time.

I hope that you find these tricks and techniques very useful for your customers during this amazing time.  

**Remember to always recommend to every pregnant woman that she checks with her health provider before starting any exercise routine, program or compress applications.

By Chelsea Matice, Customer Service Specialist, It’s You Babe, LLC
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fax: 989-200-4532

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