Introducing The Lumama Pro Warming Lactation Massager By MammaEase

For many nursing mothers, breastfeeding can be called one of the most wonderful life experiences. It certainly was when founder Jenelle was nursing her son, Oliver. But it also became one of anxiety and unexpected challenges. While sleep deprived and navigating new motherhood, she now faced another hurdle: mastitis.

“The first time I had mastitis, I had never heard of it. I learned that my flu-like symptoms were actually an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection. (Thank you, Google!)” Searching for relief, she was shocked that doctors were recommending electric toothbrushes to massage sore breasts. She knew that breastfeeding women everywhere deserved a better solution. They deserve something different, more effective, and created just for them.

Last year, Jenelle and her husband designed and developed the first warming lactation massager built by a nursing mom to address a variety of issues surrounding breastfeeding. The Lumama Pro Warming Lactation Massager helps stimulate letdown, and the specially curved tip targets and releases plugged milk ducts. The comfortable, portable, and discreet massager is sized to fit comfortably in your hand or inside a nursing bra and comes with a convenient charging base. Made of food grade silicone and combining two levels of heat with five massage intensities, Lumama Pro brings together features not available in another product on the market today.

Ideal for everyone from new moms to experienced moms, those who breastfeed exclusively or those pumping, any mama dealing with pain and struggles, can benefit from this device. By creating the Lumama Pro Warming Lactation Massager, Jenelle hopes that breastfeeding mamas everywhere can have fewer obstacles to enjoying the beauty and natural process of breastfeeding.
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