Second Generation Wikki Kids

As young parents buy a toy they remember from childhood. 
“I played with these all the time when I was a kid”, is what we hear constantly now….. after twenty-six years in business.  So as these young parents are now buying Wikki
Stix for their children… we have second-generation Wikki Kids enjoying our product !

And still among our best sellers is the Wikki Stix Activity Set, offering 84 Wikki Stix, a lightweight durable playboard, zip-lock carry bag and a fun booklet of ideas and illustrations featuring two Wikkiland characters, Gizzywik and The Morgandoot. This product is the winner of the Parents’ Choice Classic Toy Award, and clearly has stood the test of time.

Another evergreen is the Wikki Stix Rainbow Pak…which also sports a fun new look with….imagine this!... a rainbow on the front.  This is a low price point, entry level product offering 24 eight-inch Wikki Stix in the colors of the rainbow, and a fun idea sheet of illustrations and activities.

On the other end of the spectrum is the brand new Wikkidoodle Fun…our answer to the adult coloring craze.  36 Wikki Stix and a doodle pad with 24 pages of “getting started” doodle ideas, and 8 totally blank pages, to let your inner Picasso run free !

New too, for kids from 3 to 103, are Team Colors !  Every school has school colors… grade schools, high schools, universities… and then, of course, all the professional teams.  So kids from elementary level to dad the devoted NFL fan, can all make fun designs on the fridge or decorate a sports bottle… with easy-to-use Wikki Stix. 
All teams are available.

As the evergreens continue to grow and flourish, we are having a ball adding fun new items to the line from Wikkiland !  Stay tuned !

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