Small Plum: The Next Generation of Organic Apparel

Eco-conscious consumers are no longer forced to choose between tan and khaki for their organic clothing. Vibrant color has sprung onto the scene, and designs have become more fun, modern and hip. A leader in this next generation of organics for the gift market is Small Plum, a line launched by the founders of Urban Smalls. 

The entire Small Plum organic line is made from 100% bamboo. “It’s one of our most sustainable resources” says founder Katie Klith. “Nothing grows faster, and it requires no fertilizer, irrigation or pesticides. Plus, unlike cotton, bamboo can be re-harvested in just a few years.” 

But perhaps the greatest quality of bamboo is the way it feels. Like silk, the material is supple and luxurious—perfect for little ones’ sensitive skin. In addition, bamboo material is hypo-allergenic, provides greater UV protection than organic cotton, is moisture wicking, temperature-regulating and odor-resistant.

With its roots in the gift apparel business, Small Plum launched its organic line with a set of punchy but appropriate slogans such as “Peas Out” and “Produced Locally,” as well as simple but sophisticated patterns by New York designer Geraldine Rijs. All prints are water-based and PVC-free. Tops are paired with coordinating yoga pants in sizes up to 24 months. All garments are packaged in stylish, ready-to-wrap gift boxes made from recycled materials. 

This fall, in addition to adding an array of colors and designs, the company introduced initialed Bambooties in four different colors. It will also soon release Boo Wipes, a replacement for traditional cotton tissues, generally considered to be one of our biggest eco-villains. Green Peace has actually launched a campaign against Kimberly-Clark the maker of Kleenex, asking consumers “Would you use a thousand year old tree to blow your nose?”

Not only is Small Plum friendly to Mother Nature – the company is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of revenues to earth-friendly non-profit organizations – Small Plum is also good to its retailer partners. Every order is backed by their “No-Risk Ordering” policy. “It’s basically a guaranteed sale with no questions asked,” says Klith. “We’ve been a retailer ourselves, so know what it’s like. You need to keep your store fresh with new lines, but don’t want to get stuck with excess inventory if something isn’t selling. Fortunately, our line sells great, but it’s always nice to have the extra assurance.”

Small Plum | (877) 519-5498

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