Spectra Baby USA introduces a NEW lightweight & rechargeable addition to the Spectra Synergy Gold Breast Pump line

The Spectra® SG Portable Double Adjustable Electric Breast Pump is making its debut and transforming the breastfeeding community. Compact and hospital strength, this Spectra exclusive innovative design is every breastfeeding parent’s dream come true. The new SG Portable uses a powerful, compact, and rechargeable pump for individually tailored pumping sessions. The SG Portable’s double adjustable technology allows for independent personalized suction of up to twelve levels per breast. Two modes of massage and expression with preset cycle speeds takes the guesswork out of your pumping sessions, helping you relax for easier milk flow. Most lightweight pumps on the market sacrifice suction strength for mobility. The SG Portable provides convenience and unmatched performance with the trusted quality of all Spectra Baby USA breast pumps.  

All breastfeeding moms will love the freedom and efficiency of the NEW SG Portable! Whether you are a busy stay-at-home mom, a frequent traveler, commuting to an office or just wanting the best, this lightweight and state-of-the-art breast pump will take your breastfeeding journey to the next level. From its quiet motor to its discreet design, the SG Portable allows you to freely express and protect your milk supply at home or on the go. The SG Portable’s touchscreen display is simple to use and compatible with all Spectra Baby USA accessories. Try combining the SG Portable with the Spectra® Caracups Wearable Milk Collection Inserts for a true hands-free pumping experience!

Special Features and Benefits of Spectra’s SG Portable:

• Rechargeable built-in battery for up to 2 hours of pumping time
• Lightweight and modern design pump  
• Double adjustable individual settings for each breast
• Vacuum levels adjustable for each breast - up to twelve levels of suction and two phases of preset cycle speeds
• Spectra’s Unique Natural Nursing Technology™ combines gentle vibrations with soothing suckling action to stimulate milk production. Our Natural Nursing Technology simulates the natural way a baby nurses and promotes a more comfortable pumping experience.
• Hospital strength - up to 270mmHG independently adjustable per breast
• Closed System - safe and hygienic; prevents germs or bacteria from entering breastmilk
• Backlit LED Touchscreen - easily navigate nighttime pumping sessions
• Ultra-Quiet - for discreet pumping sessions

Includes everything you need to single or double pump:

• Spectra® SG Portable Double Adjustable Electric Breast Pump
• Two (2) 24mm Breast Flanges
• Two (2) 28mm Breast Flanges
• Two (2) Wide Neck Bottles with Nipples, Discs, Caps & Covers for each
• Two (2) Duckbill Valves
• Two (2) Backflow Protectors
• Two (2) Tubing with Adapters
• 5V AC Power Adapter/Charger


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