Suri the Octopus and Friends Teething Toys

Three-Stage, Nautical Teether Set Suri® the Octopus and Friends is the award-winning set of three, nautical-themed silicone teething toys from Mayapple Baby®.

Babies love how well the adorable marine characters work together to relieve teething pain during each of the three main teething stages.

Stage 1 (central incisors, approx. 3 to 8 mos)
The Anchor:  Most pliable of the set, The Anchor is very easy for infants to grip, hold and manipulate and can be bent and twisted effortlessly.  The two chewy knobs on the horizontal bar are perfect for soothing pain when baby’s first teeth begin to emerge, and the raised bumps along the arms help relieve pressure on baby’s gums.  (The Anchor is also helpful in later teething stages, as its two curved arms are designed to safely reach back teeth.)

Stage 2 (lateral incisors, approx. 8-14 mos)
The Wheel: A slightly firmer structure, The Wheel provides more resistance and greater relief.  Six specially designed knobs make it easy to hold and allow for pinpoint accuracy to locate the source of teething pain.

Stage 3 (first molars, canines, approx. 14-24+ mos)
Suri® the Octopus: Firmest teether in the set, Suri® is ideal when multiple teeth require greater resistance for relief. Suri®’s concave shape and rubbery feel fits perfectly in babies’ hands and empowers them to become masters over their teething pain.

Bite! Play! Collect!™: Each of the three characters is easy for babies to hold and manipulate and has multiple sensory points and textures that are designed to reach front and back teeth.  The nautical characters also make fun play toys and inspire imagination – long after the teething ordeal is over.  Mix and match all characters and colors; use the convenient strap holes to secure teethers to a car seat or stroller.

Safety is Mayapple Baby®’s first priority.  Suri® & Friends, designed by a mom-and-dad team from Brooklyn, NY, are free of heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines and all plastics (such as PP, EVA, Vinyl or PVC), which can be scratched with teeth and inadvertently consumed by baby.  One-piece construction and no moving parts make cleaning easy (top rack dishwasher safe).

The three-teether set includes the Suri® ‘Mini Book’, a fun story that introduces the characters and adds an element of play to the teething experience!

Suri® and The Anchor are also sold in single packs. U.S. Patents  D738,515S;  D755,983S;  D704847S???? +1 855 96 MYMAB (855 966 9622)

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