The Embracing Belly Boostier is a Great Fit for all Pregnant Moms

The Embracing Belly Boostier is an adjustable and extremely effective support to relieve back pain and tummy straining. According to Julie C, “the Embracing Belly Boostier is like a Mini Cradle on steroids!

”Great for providing lumbar support, the Embracing Belly Boostier is easy to use and safe for baby. Its patented design is cool and form fitting allowing pregnant women to move and stretch as they check off their daily list in comfort. Flannel backed latex free elastics surround and support her tummy while it grows with the baby.

The Embracing Belly Boostier™ comes in four sizes: Petite, Small, Medium and Large and is available in beautiful beige  to coordinate with every outfit. Attractive colorful clamshell packaging hangs on a peg or sits on a shelf.

Christine Seering, a registered nurse, has been designing pregnancy supports for over twenty years. She and her husband launched It’s You Babe  August 1, 2011 which has grown to be an industry standard with its pregnancy and compression braces. Carries a full line of pregnancy supports including the Best Cradle, Prenatal Cradle, Belly Boostier, V2 Supporter and PF Press. Your local Ob/Gyns, Midwives, Child Birth Educators and Lactation Consultants love It’s You Babe supports and have been recommending them to their patients for years.

The Embracing Belly Booster makes a wonderful gift item.  Be sure to encourage your clients to order "1-2-3" (1-2 wear, 1-2 wash, and 1-2 put in the drawer).

Serve your customers who ask for a back support during pregnancy, by calling 877-661-9682 or email for more information or to place an order.

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