The NEW Kind of Rubber Shoes!

As parents, taking the kids to gyms, play areas, and kid's cafes (which have a 'no shoe' policy), we were concerned about germs, safety, and sanitation of the play areas. That's when we, as mothers, came together to create an innovative way to protect our children’s feet – And that’s how Go-Shins was born!Go-shins has won many awards and has been featured in many media outlets for its hybrid innovation! These breathable, quick-drying shoes are perfect for outdoor activities, the beach, pools, and play areas. Working with the best design team and using the safest materials, we made a hybrid sock & rubber shoe at its best! They are machine washable, made to mimic a baby’s barefoot, and made with non-toxic materials. From birth, to crawlers, to toddlers, kids can enjoy the comfort and cute designs of this non-slip shoe. Mother and baby approved!

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