The Original Award-Winning Back Buddy® Support Pillow Designed by a Mom and a Chiropractor

In 2010, mom of three and certified natural childbirth instructor Laura Kardos knew she wasn’t the only one experiencing back pain during her pregnancy. What she didn’t know, was that the pain would extend well beyond pregnancy into other stages of her life… postpartum, nursing, and even beyond (reading, working on the computer, watching television, etc.). She knew that she needed to provide a solution not only for herself, but for the other thousands of people who have experienced the same thing. She asked her husband, a licensed Chiropractor, to help her design a pillow that would provide the proper support… and the Back Buddy® was born.

Entering the market in late 2011, the Back Buddy was the first support pillow to address the issue of back pain during pregnancy and nursing. All of the other support pillows on the market were designed to support the baby, or used as a sleeping pillow. Other items on the market were standard lumbar pillows, with no support for upper back or arms. Back Buddy was designed and patented as the first back support pillow to address these issues (U.S. Utility Patent 8,261,386) and is now distributed in several large retail chains, boutique stores, and doctor’s offices throughout the country.

The Back Buddy alleviates common back pain and provides proper support for the lower back, upper back, sides, and arms, to allow a comfortable position in a chair, sofa, bed, or hospital bed, and fits perfectly in a nursery rocking chair. Back Buddy also encourages proper position for breastfeeding and has been recommended and endorsed by certified lactation consultants.

With its unmatched quality and unique design, the Back Buddy has become a favorite among parents and celebrities, and is highly coveted as one of the best back supports on the market. Back Buddy is made in the USA from high-quality structural foam that is certified ( to be made WITHOUT harmful PBDE’s, phthalates, CFC’s, formaldehyde, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, and is tested for performance, durability, and emissions. One customer made it clear when she said, “This comfortable pillow is more than just a welcome relief. It’s peace of mind and body.”

With all of the controversy over polyurethane foam in baby products, Kardos wanted to make a pillow that was safe for new moms and babies. As CEO/Founder Laura Kardos admits, “We could make our pillow elsewhere for significantly less, but the quality of the product would be diminished. The health of the mom and baby is our number one priority. We don’t want our customers breathing in toxic fumes.”

Back Buddy is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award®, winner of the 2014 and 2015 Family Choice Award, and winner of the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Top Choice of the Year Award by Baby Maternity Magazine. According to Kardos, “We know that other companies will try to mimic what we do. But at the end of the day, we know that we are providing a higher quality product for our customers. We made a promise to our customers and we will continue to provide a safe and reliable product, in order to promote health and wellness for everyone.”

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