kickTrakâ„¢ Prenatal Kick and Movement Monitor

by Unisar, Inc

 kickTrakâ„¢ Prenatal Kick and Movement Monitor

Every 21 minutes a baby is stillborn in the United States. Your baby’s movement is an excellent indicator of her well-being. Any significant increase or decrease in your baby’s normal activity may be a warning sign that something is wrong and you should alert your healthcare provider immediately. Designed by an obstetrician, kickTrak makes keeping a reliable record of these important movements simple and convenient. kickTrak is a hand-held portable device that helps you monitor your baby’s movements. It is safe, reliable, and non-invasive, and enables you to easily count the movements. It stores the results of your last 10 sessions so you can easily track any change in your baby’s movement patterns. One out of 150 pregnancies ends in stillbirth. This careful tracking may help decrease that risk.

“I was 37 weeks pregnant and contacted my doctor one evening because of reduced activity confirmed with a kick count…Turns out the cord was wrapped around his neck four times and he could no longer move. Doctor said if we hadn’t come in when we did we could’ve had a different outcome than his healthy birth… Thanks again." - Jennifer, Nebraska

• Counting kicks and movements is one of the methods recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to monitor your baby’s health
• Makes keeping track of kicks and movements easy and convenient
• Memory stores last 10 sessions so you and your doctor can easily monitor your baby’s movement patterns
• Counts down the last 99 days of your pregnancy
• Tracks how far along you are in your pregnancy
• Can be used to time your labor contractions

A percentage of all kickTrak purchases will be donated to First Candle to help babies survive and thrive.

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