The Baby Buckle Pad®

by Momma Edison

 The Baby Buckle Pad®

Baby Buckle Pad's® "STOP the OUCH" Benefits:

  • No more tears from accidental pinching of delicate little thighs.
  • No more pressure from buckle! (Stop the 'Digging In’ discomfort.)
  • No more HOT metal buckle against delicate little thighs.
  • No more unsightly pressure marks on skin from buckle.
  • Discourages buckle release from curious little fingers. (Soft, Cute child friendly pad faces up at the child.)

Easy to use with new and existing car seats, strollers, high chairs, baby swings, etc. Fits baby & child’s 3 to 5 point harness items.

Easy to remove and clean. Buy one for each car, for travel & for all of your child's harness items.

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