by Blue Wolf


The After-Light™, a newly developed smart 5 minute night light, doesn't stay on all night long, uses no blinding "white" light, will never need a power outlet, and there is no heat which means no fire hazard. Instead, the After-Light™ senses when the lights go out and then illuminates an area with soft blue LED light which then slowly fades off.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to maneuver through a dark room, house, or an unfamiliar hotel room when the lights are switched off.

The smart 5 minute night light solves this issue by shinning blue LED light upward on the ceiling to illuminate a room temporarily for safe navigation around objects, after the lights are switched off.

The After-Light™ will automatically detect this "light" to "dark" change and then slowly fade "off" over a preferred 15 second to 5 minute period. This means no more stubbing a toe on a bedpost or chair, accidently stepping on the family pet, or tripping over a child's toy while trying to navigate a dark room. This eco-friendly patent-pending After-Light™ is always in automatic mode by detecting any change from "light" to "dark". Or, it can be manually activated by simply tapping on it. (Click here for video).


Erin Wicks from Boise, Idaho said, "When the kids turn off the light in their rooms, they now have just enough light to get to their beds safely, get under the covers, and snuggle in for bedtime. Then the After-Light™ slowly fades off in 2 minutes. As a parent, I like it because it doesn't stay on all night long."


Kahli Kendall from Boise, Idaho said, "I never thought I needed a night light type product until I used the After-Light™. Once you have one, you won't want to give it up."

By using a soft blue LED light for illumination, a person's eyes will adapt faster to the darkness allowing for safe and easy navigation around objects. If activated manually by tapping on it, the soft blue LED light won't wake a sleeping spouse or partner. Whether there's a need to get up in the middle of the night to check on a child, use the bathroom, or would you just prefer the luxury of having some extra light available for navigating around in a dark area, then After-Light™ is the perfect 5 minute night light solution.

The After-Light™ 5 minute night light is completely battery powered and uses standard triple AAA batteries. It's wireless, lightweight, portable, safe, and made in the USA. Use the After-Light™ in children's rooms, baby rooms, night stands, hallways, bedrooms, coffee tables or the kitchen. The After-Light™ is great for gifts, senior safety, hotel rooms, business travel, motorhomes and more. The After-Light™ gives peace of mind no matter where it is used. Don't be left in the dark! The After-Light™ is available in 2 sizes: Black "Coaster" or the "Mobile Mini" in Black or White.

  • My child feels safer at night now when they turn off their lights.
  • It's useful in any room, portable, and my child falls to sleep quicker now!
  • I can safely find my way to bed now, no more stubbing my toes!
  • If there's a power outage, the After-Light™ automatically comes on
  • It works great for unfamiliar hotel rooms when I turn off the lights!
  • It's small and perfect for travel.
  • I love the fact that it uses no outlets.
  • Our Kid's love the After-Light™ when they go to bed at night.
  • When going to bed at night, I turn off the kitchen lights and the After-Light™ comes on and I can see my path to the bedroom easily. No more tripping over toys!


We even have one in our bedroom on our night stand. When we get ready for bed at night we turn our light switch off and the After-Light™ automatically comes on. This provides us enough temporary light in our room to where we can navigate our way to the bed safely and get under the covers. Then the soft blue LED lights slowly fades down to "off". The days of stubbed toes are over! The best part is when we one of use needs to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, we simply tap on the top of the After-Light™ and it's manually activated. The light doesn't even wake up my partner and I can find my way to the restroom easily.


The After-Light team developed the After-Light to allow additional time to prevent cautiously stumbling through darkness once the lights were turned off. The developers of the After-Light share a combined 393 stubbed toes, 220 unidentified bruises from coffee tables, running into walls, and slamming knees into bedposts once the lights were out. Add 315 squeal's and yelps from Buster, the family pet, that gets stepped on or kicked in the middle of the night.

"Why can't we just have a little extra time to get to where they needed to go at night they asked?" Buster, the family pet concurred and with that the After-Light was born! Buster is now able to sleep through the night without being disturbed, and for the humans, no more bumps and bruises. The After-Light solves a lifelong problem. Fortunately for Buster, the creators are engineers and have a combined forty years experience in creating new products. The After-Light is smart, safe and functional which makes it unlike any other lighting device around.

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