drool....your baby droolsâ„¢ bib

by luxebaby, LLC

drool....your baby droolsâ„¢ bib

The first ever, eco-friendly disposable bib.

drool....your baby drools™ disposable bib is made of sustainable organic resources. This is biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, hygienic, and soak proof. By creating this innovative disposable product, it is no longer necessary to carry around an unhygienic soiled bib that requires laundering.  Since it is not made with wood fibers, there is no impact on our forests.  The design is round, without sharp edges, contoured to wrap around the neck.  It is fastened without the use  of any adhesives.  This is another step towards a better planet, a promising future for our children. This is  drool™

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