Happy Kiddos = Happy Home. That’s Our Goal.

We all know the feeling: your little one wakes up in a good mood, all grins and giggles, and you say out loud to yourself, “Today is going to be a good day!” And sheer minutes after the words pass your lips, the fussing starts. Playtime is stressful. Meal prep is tear-filled. Study time devolves into bargaining. No parents is safe. Which is where we come in.

At pNeo, we’ve made it our mission to invest in products that keep kiddos smiling. From your child’s daily healthcare routine to learning sessions and free-for-all playtime, our catalog of brands help you have more of those precious good days. For instance…

Do stuffy noses, sinus congestion, and seasonal allergies belong on your family crest? Our CLEARinse nasal cleaning kit provides relief for the entire family, from newborns to mom and dad. The gentle irrigation and suction helps clear airways with a sterile saline solution, so everyone can breathe easy. Moms-to-be can also safely use CLEARinse for pregnancy rhinitis, making it the perfect complement to ice cream and pickles.

Has your baby not discovered the magic of naps and a full-night’s sleep? Are you chugging espresso to keep up? Baby Shusher and its proven rhythmic shushing lulls even the crankiest of tots to dreamland. And you know what that means: quiet time for mom and dad. It’s super portable, too, so enjoy the bliss of a soothed baby anywhere - from the crib to the grocery store.

Once your baby is old enough for tummy time, they’re also old enough to understand just how frustrating it can be. “My head is too heavy, and I can’t see anything,” the little one is probably thinking. Tumzee props up baby at a 15-degree incline, safely and securely, freeing up their arms and letting them make adorable eye contact with you. Welcome to playtime, enhanced, kiddo!

Our goal is to make that priceless good morning mood last all day long, for everyone. Easy-peasy home healthcare, calm and constructive learning, and laughter-filled playtime sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? We think so, too.


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