Shopping Will Never Be The Same! 

After my son Jonah fell out of a shopping cart and hit his head for the second time, I became a stressed out mom while shopping. Tired of battling the fear and shame, my husband and I created the Buggie Huggie™ to help secure and entertain our kids while shopping!

The Buggie Huggie™ is a one-of-a-kind shopping cart tray that has a “hugging” safety layer to help keep toddlers from standing up or falling out of the shopping cart. Over 24,000 kids each year end up in the emergency room from shopping cart falls in the US alone, and 75% of those involve a head injury. The Buggie Huggie™ exists to reduce that statistic for good!

In addition to its safety features, the Buggie Huggie™ is also designed to keep kids busy & happy! It is the perfect place for snacks, books, toys, activity sheets, and even has a phone holder accessory for kids’ favorite shows.

As a company, our mission is to empower moms with tools that help reduce stress, build confidence, and eliminate mom guilt, and a percentage of each sale goes to support international orphanages.

“I never thought of myself as an inventor and entrepreneur,” says Nichole Clark, Founder of the Buggie Huggie™ and homeschool mom of 3 active adventurers under the age of 7. “But after Jonah fell, I was desperate for a solution to ease my growing anxiety and embarrassment about shopping with my kids. Now, with the Buggie Huggie™, I want every mom to experience the peace and hope she deserves!”

Our beta testers & brand affiliates have described the Buggie Huggie™ as a ‘game changer,’ ‘life-saver,’ and ‘new best friend.’ We cannot wait to help moms all over the country upgrade their shopping experience, too!

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