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Blue Wolf

Blue Wolf

Who We Are

Blue Wolf is first and foremost a product development engineering firm, we offer a wide array of skills and expertise, who together offer over 45 years of combined experience in the design and manufacturing industries. Our Mechanical and Electrical Engineers are experts in designing large scale manufacturing equipment, small pneumatic assemblies, PCB/PLC design and of course LED lighting. We design and manufacture our proprietary superior quality "NVIS" night vision lighting for helicopter cockpits, underwater LED lighting for performance and pleasure boats, consumer and household products, and Robotics accessories for enthusiasts and hobbyist.

What We Offer

Blue Wolf is a consulting, design, and manufacturing firm that specializes in the development and delivery of engineering prototype ideas and service solutions for today's ever-changing world. We will work with you to fine-tune your ideas to ensure you achieve your goal by utilizing the most effective long-term strategies and advantageous solutions.

Our Experience

Although our founders began as design engineers, they progressed in their respective careers by managing various departments within the companies they worked for. These unique opportunities allowed them to develop valuable skills and insight, which has yielded over 45 years of combined experience in integrating and developing products from an engineering prototypes to a final marketable product.

Our Mission

Our mission is design and manufacture the highest quality products, add diversity to our organization, help our clients realize their business potential and inventions by providing skilled and knowledgeable resources to guide them through the phases necessary to design, develop, and manufacture new and innovative products or prototypes. While delivering a clear and consistent message through all of our products; that Blue Wolf is a leader in quality and excellence.

Products by Blue Wolf

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