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GUMEEZ Teething Products

GUMEEZ Teething Products

GUMEEZ was born when founder Alison White’s own beautiful daughter entered the omnichomping phase and began the persistent reach for mommy’s jewelry. Playing a constant game of keep-away was an unacceptable solution, as was demoting her personal style, so Alison took the entrepreneurial route forward, creating her signature and customizable lines of teething jewelry in GUMEEZ™. Five years later, GUMEEZ, GUMBABY and GUMEEZ JRs thrive with the passion for creating safe, trendy products that value-consciously celebrate the everyday experiences of parenting and childhood.

GUMEEZ recognizes that the best family products don't create great family moments, but support them.

GUMEEZ teething jewelry, teething toys and pacifier clips are a shout out to people holding babies everywhere!

Products by GUMEEZ Teething Products

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