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GABRIALLA is the most complete maternity collection available in the USA and includes the following:

      -Maternity support belts

      -Postpartum binders and girdles

      -Graduated compression hosiery

      -Body shaping girdles and supports

The GABRIALLA Maternity Collection, which is proudly made in the USA, includes many patented and multi-award winning designs. Our brand philosophy is simple: provide the best support products for women during and after pregnancy. This philosophy has made us the #1 brand in the USA.

GABRIALLA designs are unique, making extensive use of natural fibers and/or highly breathable proprietary materials to provide all day comfortable wear. Just as importantly, unlike the competition, our designs are very easy to use. This unsurpassed combination of support, comfort, and style delivers superior value.

Finally, our packaging is considered to be the best of its kind in the industry. It is easy to read with all information presented in English and Spanish and is eco-friendly.

GABRIALLA is a name that women know and have trusted for the last 20 years.

Products by ITA-MED, Co.

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