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Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket

Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket

Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket

Ellie and Dolby have a lot of love, and have infused it into the Mommy-Baby Bonding Blankets.  How this all came to be; While Dolby was getting her facial, Ellie began telling a story about her daughter applying for a job as a nanny. On her resume she was stating all her qualifications, and one stuck out, by taking the mommy's shirt with her scent on it, and giving the baby blanket to the baby while the mom was away. The baby would be comforted. In a flash, Dolby sat up from the table and looked at Ellie with her mask on and said, "We have to market this love".

€‹As a business owner’s we have taken pride in creating this Keepsake bonding baby blanket to the highest standards.  We know for sure that our blankets will be of great comfort for many, years to come!

Your purchases not only help a small business, it also contributes to employ Americans, as all blankets are manufactured in the United States.  So much love and gratitude for your support.


From the first time a baby cuddles against mom there is a bond of love created that will never be broken. However, as much as a parent wishes to always be nearby, life sometimes takes them far away. Luckily, with the help of the Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket this distance can become a whole lot smaller.



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