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Precious Ideas

Precious Ideas’ Li’l Shopper ®
Portable Seat Cushion

“Relief for little backs legs and bottoms!”

A new ULTRA COMFORTABLE approach to shopping with little ones. A product that is truly EASY TO USE and MORE SAFELY positions a child in the cart seats.  The  Li’l Shopper ® provides patented support to a child’s legs while protecting little backs, bottoms and legs from contact with a variety of painful seats. Our streamlined design requires no installation and is the perfect solution for a distinctive baby shower gift.

What sets us apart?

We are the ONLY product to offer crucial support and thick enough cushioning to completely stop the feel of the shopping cart seat/back grills. “We aren’t just ‘covering’ an uncomfortable seat; we are adapting it with our ergonomically designed support cushion! Observing almost any child in a cart seat, you will generally see them sitting sideways, pulling one leg out trying to relieve the pressure cutting into the back of their thigh.  From an orthopedic standpoint, any seat with a short seat depth forces the weight of the leg to be uncomfortably concentrated on too small of an area.”

Although the main application is shopping carts, it is versatile enough to use for support and cushioning in many uncomfortable seating situations, from wooden restaurant highchairs to park/playground swings and even boardwalk surreys.

In addition to parents, our cushion is gaining wider appeal within the special needs community. Pediatric Occupational Therapists are using it as a simple, portable, inexpensive seating/positioning aid. It has enabled children with low muscle tone to use the shopping carts or sit longer and more securely in a variety of seats during OT sessions.

We feel parents are looking for modern, functional, common sense products that will be used by everyday parents in everyday life.  Innovative new products that help make being a parent a little easier.

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