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Jamm® Doorstops - to jam doors securely 
Unlike other doorstops, the Jamm® doorstop’s unique design holds doors tight from both sides at the same time. Because the door can’t move in either direction, children’s fingers can’t get trapped at the handle or the hinge side of the door. 

Protecting little fingers from the hinge side of a door is even more important than the handle side – a closing door creates 40 tons of pressure at the hinge side, 20 times more than a crocodile’s jaw!

Jamm® was founded in 2011 by Marc Ward in the UK, after Marc and Coralie’s three-year-old son, Oscar, jammed his fingers in a door at home. 

He’s not alone. In the USA, over 300,000 children visit hospital every year with injuries to their fingers from doors and doorframes. Many of those children are under the age of four and it is this age group that is most likely to suffer the most serious injuries including those requiring amputation. 

After Oscar’s accident, the hunt for a reliable doorstop that would jam their doors in both directions proved fruitless. Traditional doorstops are wedge shaped and only hold the door in one direction. 

So Marc came up with a unique and patented design where doors sit snug in a curved ‘trough’, fully jammed in either direction. All it takes is a quick slide under the front edge of the open door and a grown-up push!

Works on all floor surfaces and suitable for door gaps less than 1”.

“By far the best doorstop on the market. The Jamm doorstop is our most popular safety product. Lots of happy customers.”

More than little fingers:
• Perfect for pet owners as pets can’t remove Jamm doorstops, preventing them being trapped in rooms away from their food and water. 
• Help prevent crush injuries among the elderly, who may hold doorframes for balance.
• Ideal for painters and carpenters to hold doors in place while they are being worked on. 

Having received many awards and great retail success in the UK, Jamm® doorstops have been introduced to the USA. Distributed by Snappi® Baby who distribute “simple solutions for parents and kids to make life easier, safer and healthier”.

Jamm® doorstop is a WINNER of the 2014 Family Choice Award!
• Available in 5 colors with eco friendly packaging. 
• Great margins. Low MOQ’s.
• CPSIA Compliant - No Lead, Phthalates or BpA’s.

MSRP: Single pack: $10.95
Twin Pack: $16.95

An easy and inexpensive way to help protect little fingers from life changing injuries.

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